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The Choir

  • Shot over four years The Choir is about the music which unites Jabulani Shabangu and a group of fellow inmates who are battling to survive in South Africa's biggest prison. Jabulani is rebellious and angry until he meets a wily bank robber named Coleman, who recruits him for the prison choir. Jabulani rises in the ranks and leads the choir to victory at the National Prisoner Choir Competition. But there's more going on here than just a contest to see who sings best. The brotherhood of choristers, along with Coleman's fatherly wisdom transform Jabulani's life and give him the tools he needs to face his victims and to survive behind bars, as well as in the world outside when he is released.
  • 88' Documentary
    Premiered 1 Jun 2010 on SBS

    Director Michael Davie
    Producers Chris Hilton and Michael Davie
    Executive Producers Jake Eberts, Alan Leipzig and Chris Hilton
    Co-Executive Producer Kattie Evans

    An Essential Media & Entertainment production for National Geographic Films and SBS Independent

  • Grand Prize at Geneva Human Rights Film Festival 2009

    Best Music Film at Big Sky Film Festival 2009

    Theatrical seasons in Australia and South Africa

    Nominated for AFI Award for Best Feature Length Documentary 2009

    Nominated for AFI Award for Best Sound in a Documentary 2009

    Winner AFI Award for Best Direction in a Documentary 2009