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Hack Live: Swipe Right

  • - LIVE SPECIAL - on ABC2 Thursday, December 1

    Is modern dating a disaster or dream come true?

    Over 3 million Australians under 30 are single – that’s a lot of us playing the dating game. And with 44% of young people having used a dating app or website according to triple j’s 2016 survey of its listeners – this is the new normal.

    Online dating, like everything else about the Internet, has increased convenience, multiplied our options, and lowered the barriers. Is all this encouraging a culture of casual sex and loveless one night stands based on an endless cycle of meet, seduce and repeat or have they changed the way we find relationships today?

    Hack Live Swipe Right takes a look at how we hook up in the 21st century. From pickup apps to one night stands, to the people who’ll pimp your tinder profile and those who haven’t figured out the rules of the modern dating game.

    Does anyone still meet in real life, or has the dating landscape fundamentally changed forever? How is it impacting on our relationships – and ultimately our chances of love?

    Find out on Hack Live Swipe Right.
  • 1 x 60' live chat show

    Host Tom Tilley
    Series Producer Renata Gombac
    Executive Producer Chris Hilton

    An Essential Media and Entertainment Production for ABC2 in association with Triple J's Hack.