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#Hack Live - The War on Young People

    on ABC2 Thursday, June 23

    In a world where house prices are out of control, jobs are less secure and university debt is exploding, is it any wonder young people are starting to feel ripped off?

    In this HACK LIVE special, Tom Tilley gathers a panel of Australians, young and old, and asks ‘"is there a war on young people?"
    The boomers had cheap houses and free degrees, and now as they enter their twilight years they either won’t get off the career ladder or they’re living it up.

    But what about their kids?

    For most of them, the great Australian dream has become a great Australian nightmare. Young people today are too busy paying off their education let alone paying off a home, and to pay off anything at all they need a steady job and a chance of success. This wasn’t what they were promised.
    Nine days out from the election this program will hear from young Australians feeling left behind, young entrepreneurs bucking the trend, the oldies who think this generation has it too easy, and the politicians who have the power to start serious change.

    Is there really a "war on young people" or is it a mindset of the over entitled? And can the "battle lines" be redrawn? It’s time to find out.

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  • 1 x 60' live chat show

    Host Tom Tilley
    Series Producer Renata Gombac
    Executive Producer Alan Erson

    An Essential Media and Entertainment Production for ABC2 in association with Triple J's Hack.