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Almost French

  • A new life in Paris...

    When feisty Australian journalist Sarah meets sexy inscrutable Frederic her earthy directness runs headlong into his obscure charm, and sparks fly. In a snap decision she astounds herself by dropping her family, friends and career to move to the most romantic city in the world and live with a guy she barely knows.

    But the going is tough. Paris is an old world city, where manners matter and protocol is paramount. Sarah clashes with the culture and Frederic's flirtatious ‘friend’ Marie, whose self-possession and sheer femininity cause Sarah to examine who she is as a woman, and doubt her relationship with Fred.

    Confused, jealous and jobless, she remakes herself as a Frenchwoman and channels her frustrations and deepening suspicions into a column she is offered at the Herald Tribune. As she begins to make a success of her life in Paris, her relationship threatens to unravel before her and Sarah must figure out if she can navigate the cultural minefield to be with Fred.

  • Director Kate Dennis
    Producer Sonja Armstrong
    Executive Producers Troy Lum, Susan Fleming, Nelson Khoury

    Currently in development...